Navy SEAL Warrior

This award winning video was produced for the Naval Special Warfare Center to be shown in the Navy SEAL exhibit at the Navy Memorial in Washington D.C.  The video won a first place award in the DoD Production Awards Competition.

The Mantram Project

We produced a series of videos for the Department of Veterans Affairs to explain the success of veterans using a Mantram to combat PTSD.  The video clips mainly consist of interviews with combat veterans and the creator of the Mantram Program Dr. Jill Bormann

LT Foster memorial service

Memorial Service for LT Frank Foster USN Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery.

offshore petroleum discharge system

Filmed in Pohang, South Korea this video presents the capabilities of the US Navy to deliver fuel or water up to eight miles offshore.

napkin tree

This video describes Napkin Tree a novel invention to decorate with this napkin holding devices.

maggie o'donnell small business and local hiring

Maggie O'Donnell is the President of SFS Chemical, a small woman owned  business in Emeryville, CA.  She was awarded an EPA contract to  cleanup the soil in a lead contaminated neighborhood in West Oakland,  CA.  The project was unique in that fishbone meal was used to neutralize  the lead contamination in the soil.  Lead is extremely toxic to  children.   Maggie also pledged to hire local residents to work on the  project and use green remediation techniques.

Slaughterhouse ending sequence

Dramatic ending sequence to our 35mm Motion Picture cult classic "Slaughterhouse."